Brazil is one of the countries in Latin America with the most biodiversity. The Amazon still has animals, areas and plants that have not been discovered, however Natura Brasil, cosmetics leader in Brazil, has dedicated almost 50 years to the study of Brazilian biodiversity with the intention of offering the market an effective, innovative, and intensely sensory skincare

With effective results and optimum protection, Natura Brasil launched Chronos, a complete range of skincare tailored for each age and each skin type using only the best ingredients of the country, but also the best performing technological assets for highly effective anti- aging and moisturizing effects.

The Natura Brasil Chronos anti-ageing creams, starting at 30 years, offers the anti-age ritual for day and night that suits you and find the comfort of a well hydrated and radiant skin. What does your skin need when you're 30?  Renew skin energy and hydrate it efficiently with Renovation and Energy 30+. What does your skin need when you're 45? Firmness and Radiance 45+ to fade wrinkles, redraw the face, restore firmness and radiance of the skin and moisturize it intensely.

If you are 60 or over, then Filling and Revitalization 60+ to fade wrinkles, plump the face skin, revitalize and moisturize it deeply, and Defense and Restoration 70+ is great to reduce wrinkles, even the deep ones, increase defenses and protect the skin, give comfort, hydrate and nourish the skin in depth.

Natura Brasil Chronos also offers essential day & night moisturizing treatments, with formulas adapted to all ages and differentiated according to the skin types: normal to dry or mixed to oily. To keep a glowing complexion the exfoliating and hydrating skincare is fantastic to to help the skin to renew itself.

Brazilian aesthetician Virginia of Maria Bonita Spa, recommends the double cleansing, especially if you use makeup every day. She told Latin Times, that a complete cleansing of the skin is indispensable to keep the complexion bright and with vitality. Remove makeup to clean all traces of foundation, mascara, blushes and lipstick with the Biphasic Makeup Remover, a waterproof mix for the face, eyes and lips, and the Cleasing Foam, formulated with Cupetaçu betaine, a fruit native to Amazonia, vegetable glycerin and Brazilian Maracujá oil with soothing properties. 

Natura Brasil Chronos also has skincare products designed to treat specific problems of the skin, regardless of age or skin type like, lack of firmness, brown spots, eye contour, and more. 

  • Rituals To Protect, Regenerate and Achieve a Glowing Skin


An easy to reproduce daily ritual for a good start of your day and to protect your skin from external aggressions.

1. Start with the cleansing foam to purify your face and awaken the skin
2. Apply then the detox toner adapted to your skin type
3. Massage the skin from the center of the face outward, from the bottom to the top with a moisturizing cream dedicated to your age.

 Your skin is soft, glowing and protected for the whole day!


After a busy day, use this beauty ritual to clean your skin and bring it rest and regeneration during the night.

1.First cleanse your skin with the accurate product (biphasic makeup remover, cleansing foam, cream or gel)
2. Apply then the detox toner according to your skin type
3. Provide the final finish with the adapted night cream.

Your skin is ready to rest and you are going to spend a great night's sleep, before another intense day to come!


When you have a little more time, give yourself a real break and take the time for a face glowing ritual. Perfect for the weekend or just because you feel that you deserve it.

1. Clean deeply your skin
2. Apply and massage your face using the microdermabrasion exfoliating cream that you then rinse with water
3. Finally finish the ritual by applying the intense hydration mask that you leave for 5 minutes.
4. Remove the mask using a cotton with some toner.

 Here you go, your skin is regenerated, its tone is fresher and more uniform, it's a true glow effect for your face!