Just nearly a week after her birthday, Becky G kicks off her 19th year of life as the new face of Degree Women. The Mexican-American songstress shared the exciting new on social media, when she posted a photo of the commercial. "Degree Women and I have teamed up. I was feeling fresh and fierce on set," she wrote on Instagram. 

The new campaign with Becky, born Rebecca Gomez, as the brand ambassador will launch at a forthcoming iHeartRadio concert series in the spring or summer, according to US Weekly. "We're going to be doing an iHeart show together and I'm really excited because we're finding really cool ways to get the fans involved," she said to the magazine. 

Becky G Becky G is the new face of Degree Women. Instagram/@IAmBeckyG

In the midst of all the fun, the "Shower" songstress also shared her best tips to always feel confident. She first implied that creativity is key when using beauty products. ""Believe it or not, I just use baby shampoo to take off my makeup, because it's really soft on the skin," she told US Weekly. She also likes to stay hydrated to keep her skin healthy, fessing up that she drinks "so much water". 

"I'd be lying if I said I'd always embraced [the gap in my teeth]. I think it’s part of growing up to learn that imperfection is perfection — learning to love yourself for the way that you were created," she said about the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. She then gave the best piece of advice ever: "The most important thing you can do is learn to love yourself first in order for somebody else to love you."