Artists should feel so lucky they have fans and a hit song. If you're Belinda though, you just sometimes get annoyed when you're asked to perform the same song over and over. When the Mexican star was a child, she participated in a telenovela called "Cómplices Al Rescate." In this production Belinda played a singer and one of the songs that became a hit with audiences at home was "El Baile Del Sapito." In a recent concert, audiences asked her to perform the fan favorite, but Belinda seemed a little reluctant. The moment has now gone viral and when anything spreads on social media that fast, memes ensue. Belinda is now known as "Lady Sapito." Check out the funniest images down below and tell us what you think!

On "Complices Al Rescate," Belinda played two different roles. The twin that performed "El Sapito" was Mariana, Rocío’s 11 year old natural daughter. She has a twin sister but she ignores her existence. She is nice and delicate. Generous, tender and very vulnerable, she is always trying to solve other people’s problems. She lives in a town far from the city and everyone likes her, especially Ramón, a friend she has there. She sings and dances very well and she impersonates the children star of the moment (Silvana). She has a great physical energy, although she occasionally faints and has some dreams and unthinking actions without knowing why. This is because she and her sister are connected and she suffers or enjoys the other’s actions.

Silvana was the more uptight twin, also Rocío’s natural daughter, although she doesn’t know it as she was stolen at birth by Regina whom she believes to be her real mother. This fact triggers a trauma in the little girl which will mark her character and mood. Just as her twin sister, she is 11 years old and she suffers from hallucinations and enervations which lead her to a burnout without understanding why. She is capricious, willful, vain and selfish. She is the star of a successful children’s band that was created by a record company and they are the hit of the moment. At the beginning she rejects Mariana when she meets her, but later on she discovers she is her sister and they become united.