Belinda, Vicente Fernández Duet
The "Boba Niña Nice" singer wants to work with Vicente Fernández, following collaboration with Juan Gabriel. Reuters

Belinda is working hard on her upcoming album and has expressed her interest in working with a Mexican legend, Vicente Fernández. The "Boba Niña Nice" singer said in a recent interview that Chente is "an incredible artist and I love what he does." News of her dream collab is after she recorded a duet with another legend, Juan Gabriel. As you know, the "Divo de Juarez" is working on a sequel to his duet album and recently collaborated with the "Egoista" hitmaker. "I am very excited because, well Juan Gabriel is one of the most important artists in the world," Belinda said. "He is an icon in this country [México]. It was really nice for him to have invited me to be in his album."

Although we don't know what song Belinda and JuanGa are going to cover, we are sure it's going to be a smash. "He is great, an excellent person," she added. "He personally made sure that the studio was beautiful for me. When I went in to record everything was beautiful and I am happy for being part of this album where many important international figures are going to be featured." Belinda also mentioned that the song will be a single and a video will be filmed later on. As far as her own album, she is busy writing new songs and creating music. Her new album will also feature tunes in English and collaborations we will love.

One duet we are not expecting, is the one with Jennifer Lopez. The Bronx diva called her out when she was in México promoting her new clothing line. Unless things changed since then, we will not hold our breath for this one. "She has not approached me, I don't know anything about that," Lopez said at the time. "Maybe it's a rumor that started somewhere, but it doesn't make sense, there's nothing about that." Back in August 2014 Belinda claimed she was working with JLo saying, “I can’t say anything about this project yet, because they reached me, so nothing has yet been set in stone. We’re just talking." She was very specific saying that it was Lopez's camp that reached out to her for a possible collab.

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