Ben & Jerry's, an American company that makes ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt just introduced a new flavor called "Netflix and Chill'd." Apparently, the ice cream maker and the giant streaming provider have teamed up to create a new flavor that will be perfect for those who are watching their favorite TV series and movies on Netflix.

"We are flipping our lids over our newest Netflix pints!” Ben & Jerry's announced on its web page. “We've teamed up with Netflix to churn up something extra special! And just like with Netflix, there's something in this pint for everyone."

According to The Daily Mail, the company is releasing peanut butter-based flavors and made better by the addition of fudge brownie chunks and pretzel swirls. The tub was also designed accordingly as it features three cows on a sofa and likely watching a Netflix show. They came up with the “Netflix and Chill” concept and it was said that this phrase is a term or expression to describe staying home and chilling instead of going out with friends. 

It was reported that Ben & Jerry's is also preparing to launch the non-dairy version of "Netflix & Chill'd." This is perfect for vegans and lactose-intolerant individuals as this ice cream are made with almond milk. 

Actually, the company already released a line of vegan ice cream in 2016 so this is not the first time that Ben & Jerry's is producing this version. At that time, the non-dairy flavors include classic favorites such as chocolate fudge brownie and chunky monkey.

In 2019, Ben & Jerry's added more vegan ice cream flavors and the non-dairy collection has expanded with a total of 12 flavors that include cherry Garcia, coconut seven layer bar, chocolate caramel cluster, caramel almond brittle, chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon buns, chocolate salted 'n swirled, peanut butter half baked, caramel fudge and P.B. & cookies. 

Moreover, this collaboration is the second time that Ben & Jerry’s ventured into such an arrangement. Last year, it worked with Baskin-Robbins to make a line of “Stranger Things” inspired flavors like the upside down sundae and the Elevenade freeze. Meanwhile, Ben & Jerry’s "Netflix and Chill'd will be sold for $4.48 and $5.99 per tub.