Benjamin Mendy
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A friend of Premier League football player Benjamin Mendy raped a teenage girl after a first date at Nando's. Louis Saha Matturie informed the then-17-year-old girl that he was a football agent. Then, after the meal he took her to his flat, exposed himself, and asked if he had the biggest penis the girl had seen, Chester Crown Court heard.

Manchester City defender Mendy, 28, and his friend and "fixer" Matturie, have denied the series of rapes and sexual assaults. Mendy denied seven counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and a count of sexual assault against six young women. Also, Matturie renounced six counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault relating to seven young women.

The jury watched a police interrogation of the last of 13 complainants, who told the authorities about the alleged rape between July 22 and Aug. 30, 2012.

The complainant said she saw Matturie while clubbing in Manchester, exchanged numbers with him, and set a date at the chicken restaurant. She also said he later drove the pair to his south Manchester flat, where they sat on a bed and kissed before he took his penis out. She added that there would not be more than five men at the events. There would be 10 or 15 girls invited and around 10 parties during lockdown at a flat near Manchester city center, The Sun reported.

The woman said she went to the restroom, cried, and texted her mother to let her know she would arrive home soon and Matturie later drove her home. Following the news of Mendy and Matturie's arrest in August, she said a friend sent an article concerning it to a group chat on her phone. She added that Matturie rang her and told her not to believe what was in the newspapers as the girls involved were not women. Then, she told the authorities that she felt sick and knew that she needed to say what she knows, Mirror reported.

Prosecutors stated that Mendy is a predator who turned the pursuit of women for sex into a game. Matturie allegedly did the job of finding young women for sex.

Meanwhile, none of the women involved, as sexual assault complainants, can legally be identified.

Benjamin Mendy
Manchester City and France footballer Benjamin Mendy arrives to Chester Crown Court in northwest England on August 15, 2022 for his trial for the alleged rape and assault of seven women. - Mendy, 28, who faces eight counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and one count of attempted rape, relating to seven young women, could see his playing career end in jail if convicted. Photo by Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images

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