We are less than 24 hours away from the midway point of the first season of AMC’s Better Call Saul, and thus far it has not disappointed the fans of its predecessor, Breaking Bad.  The Bob Odenkirk spinoff reprises the role of Saul Goodman, or should we say, Jimmy McGill. Thus far the show has focused around the brilliantly written transformation of Jimmy as he slowly turns into the character of Saul.

Last week we watched episode four, “Hero,” in which Jimmy masterfully plots an intricate plan to rescue a billboard operator and drum up free promotion for himself. The episode finally has Jimmy hitting his stride as he slowly turns into the sleazy strip-mall lawyer, Saul Goodman. In the first three episodes, we watched Jimmy struggle to survive as a Public Defender in Albuquerque, NM as he tries to get out of his brother’s shadow.

Episode five is entitled, “Alpine Shepherd Boy,” and we’re not sure if that’s a name for Jimmy, or perhaps for one of his new client’s as shown in the sneak peek video below. Jimmy’s plan to drum up business appears to have worked as new clients have seen what he did on television and want to hire the “local hero.”

Here’s where the episode spoilers come in, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read any further. We can deduce from the video, that Jimmy’s new client is an inventor who is looking to hire McGill as a patent attorney. He makes Jimmy sign a non-disclosure agreement and then reveals his invention which at first glance appears to be a toilet. Jimmy humorously replies, “I may have seen one of these before.” Maybe that’s all the toilet is, or maybe it’s something more, we will have to watch the episode to find out.

Other plot twists in episode five will involve Jimmy’s brother Chuck and Breaking Bad Alum, Jonathan Banks who has reprised his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul. We know from episode three and four that the relationship between Jimmy and Mike is finally starting to develop. Mike helped Jimmy find the Kettlemans who had kidnapped themselves and were hiding out in the mountains behind their house. He also admitted to Jimmy that he used to be a cop and that he would not press charges against Jimmy for not paying his parking fee.

In episode five, Jimmy is going to meet Mike in his home. We’re not sure for what reason yet, but presumably he will seek his advice again, maybe even offer him a job to help him out. We know through Breaking Bad that he will at some point become Saul Goodman’s “right hand man,” we just don’t know when that will happen yet. Perhaps episode five will be another step in that direction or maybe Mike is the “Alpine Shepherd Boy.”

Better Call Saul A screen shot of Jonathan Banks who plays Mike Ehrmantraut on the AMC show, "Better Call Saul" Ursula Coyote / AMC

Episode five will also feature a brotherly clash between Jimmy and Chuck McGill. At the end of episode four, Jimmy purposely lied to his brother, hiding the local Albuquerque newspaper from him and omitting the truth to Chuck about how he has gotten his new business. After Jimmy leaves, Chuck puts on a tin foil blanket and steals the neighbor’s paper. Once inside his own home, he sees Jimmy’s picture on the front page with the headline “local hero,” and he knows that his brother is up to his “Slippin’ Jimmy” tricks again.

The synopsis for the episode reads: “When his efforts to drum up new business are interrupted by alarming news, Jimmy is pressured to make a difficult choice.”

We believe that his brother Chuck will cause the interruption and somehow the difficult choice that Jimmy will have to make will involve his brother. Chuck will most likely confront his brother about the billboard hoax and we know that the clash will reach a pivotal point where the police will be called. We won’t say anymore than that on the matter, you will just have to watch the episode to find out more.

Better Call Saul episode 5, “Alpine Shepherd Boy” airs Monday, March 2nd, 2015 on AMC at 10:00PM EST. The first four episodes and episode five will be available online at AMC’s website after the show airs.