"Big Brother México" will return this fall to Televisa after 10 years off the airwaves. It's been a while since the cameras stopped rolling and the big guy stopped spying. Earlier this year producer Miguel Angel Fox revealed that this year the network would not produce another season of "La Voz Mexico" and instead would return to where the reality show revolution started. "I always get into complicated things because I have a challenge and I've been concentrated 24 hours a day in a project that is called 'Big Brother.' We will launch in September," Fox said at the time. "September, October, November and December... It's a big project, very ambitious that has been renovated and never went off-air in other countries. It is a format that has been able to adapt to the times. I think we are going to have a great 'Big Brother' this 2015."

People on social media have expressed interest in the return of the format to Mexico and have started campaigning to go into the house. Casting is expected to start this June with the finalists being revealed during the September launch. At the same time, Telemundo announced that it too will be bringing the format to Latino audiences in the U.S. This would be the first time the format would be adapted to Hispanics. It is rumored that both Televisa and Telemundo would use the same house and infrastructure to produce both shows. The Mexican version would not air in the U.S. and the U.S. version would not air in Mexico. It completely makes sense from an economic point of view and both networks can share the cost of building the house and the camera equipment.

Casting news and sites will be announced soon for the Mexican version of "Big Brother." It is said that hopefuls will also be able to submit their auditions via a website set up for the show. As we wait for more details of the return of "Big Brother México," the producer posted a teaser on Twitter. In the promo we see the "Big Brother" eye waking up and looking around. No set date is presented but the title of the show in the end. Watch down below and tell us what you think!