Big Sean, Selena
Big Sean flaunts his vintage t-shirt collection, which includes Selena Quintanilla! Getty Images/EMI Latin

Big Sean does not have time to sit around moping over exes Ariana Grande or Naya Rivera, especially when he's busy making music...or collecting vintage tees.

The Detroit rapper showed off all of his rare t-shirts to Billboard. "I've been collecting t-shirts for so long, I don't even remember when I started," he said in a video. Billboard then emphasized that Big Sean began collecting shirts in 2012 and has about 40 gems.

His collection includes many icons including Tupac, Dr. Dre, Tiger Woods, Janet Jackson, TLC and the cast of the 1995 film "Waiting to Exhale." We've also noticed that he's a sucker for Selena Quintanilla, as he also has a design of the Queen of Tejano.

"Selena's a legend. She did it big; she was the first," says Sean about the late "Amor Prohibido" singer. "I'm going to rock her on the tee, just like I rock Tupac, just like I rock Biggie."

The hip hop star said his collection is pretty deep and keeps growing by the day; however, he will not spill the beans on where he shops. "There's definitely certain places that I go, but you ain't need to know all that," he says. "I don't want everybody getting the tees and sh*t."

Can he at least tell us where he got the Selena tee? It's everything and it will look great with our Selena-inspired MAC makeup!

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