A Kentucky man reportedly spotted a tall creature covered in fur that resembled a sasquatch wandering by the lakeside during his recent boat trip to Lake Cumberland, sharing photos of the mysterious cryptid online.

Jared Arnett, of Pulaski County, Arkansas, was left aghast after spotting a puzzling creature standing near the banks of Lake Cumberland during a recent boat trip, snapping a handful of photos of the baffling beast before it slipped back into the woods. Arnett first thought that the creature was a grizzly bear, but on further observation, he realized that it may have been "Bigfoot," WKDQ reported.

The alleged sasquatch was observed standing on its two hind legs and covered in matted fur throughout its body.

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Arnett shared photos of the sighting on his Facebook page with the caption: "Just spotted at Lake Cumberland, not the first time I've seen it either. This is real."

The post received more than a thousand likes and has been shared by more than five thousand people as of Wednesday, July 28. Several netizens had interesting takes on the viral photographs.

Gregory Ousley commented on the post saying that the creature in the photo is his mother-in-law going on a walk.

"I've got a few in the back yard as well," Brandon Bradley wrote in the comments.

"Yep saw him in McDonald's earlier today," another commented.

"Bro that was me earlier down there. I had to take a s***," Zach Vaught wrote.

The photos have gone viral on several social media platforms and have been shared by various pages.

"A Pulaski County man is happy to be safe at home after a scary incident near Lake Cumberland today. Jared Arnett spotted a Bigfoot in the woods and took these amazing photographs of the beast. At first, I thought it was a grizzly bear, but once I got a better look at it I realized it was definitely a Sasquatch, ” the Somerset Insider wrote on their Facebook page.

The Pulaski County Sheriff Department is reportedly investigating the incident, saying that the photos have been submitted to experts for the analysis of their authenticity.

"Bigfoot" is a cultural icon, especially for people who lived in the 70s and 80s. Interest in the cryptid has driven thousands to go in search of the sasquatch and find evidence to prove its existence. Some of them have even captured photos and videos of what they believe is a true sighting of the creature. Most of those photos and videos have seemingly been debunked as fake or altered, but a handful remain mysteriously plausible and unexplained.

An Oklahoma man allegedly killed his friend by choking him to death because he thought that his friend was going to feed him to "Bigfoot" on Saturday, July 9. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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