The long wait for Bleach fans is almost over. The “Bleach” anime, which last aired eight years ago, will finally be back next year.

“Bleach” anime has been confirmed for a 2021 release, according to Polygon. The anime’s return has been confirmed via a social media post made by Anime Intelligence and Research (A.I.R.), which also marks its 20-year anniversary.

“The ‘Bleach’ Thousand-Year Blood War arc anime adaptation has also been confirmed,” Anime Intelligence and Research tweeted.

The upcoming season of the “Bleach” anime will be an adaptation of the manga’s Thousand-Year Blood war story arc. Manga fans would know that this is also its final story arc but was not yet covered when the anime version ended in 2012.

The “Bleach” manga started in 2001, which means that the anime’s release next year will also coincide with its 20th anniversary. The manga’s Thousand-Year Blood War arc finished in 2016 which also marked the end of the long-running manga series.

The animation of the previous action-packed “Bleach” seasons was top-notch that the series earned the reputation of one of the best-looking shows in its time. Animation work was previously done by Studio Pierrot but there is no confirmation yet if the same studio will be tasked to do the animation work of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

Meanwhile, the character designer of previous “Bleach” episodes Masashi Kudo, posted a tweet celebrating the anime’s return. Kudo is one of the anime's original staff members who have been keeping the love of the series going over the years despite its long absence, according to Comic Book.

Over the years, Kudo has shared a number of sketches on the anime’s various characters on Twitter. Seeing his passion for the series, fans are now clamoring for the artist’s return to the upcoming season as well.

However, there is no official word yet on whether or not Kubo will be part of the upcoming anime’s staff. Kudo will also be the character designer of the “Tower of God” anime, which will be an adaptation of the popular South Korean webtoon written and drawn by Lee Jong-hui.

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