The official ‘One Piece’ Chapter 975 release date is still a few days away but a few spoilers have already surfaced online. Images of untranslated scans were recently posted on Reddit giving fans a glimpse of what will happen in the upcoming chapter.

It will be revealed just how Luffy and the Thousand Sunny survived the bombing attack. Apparently, the ship did not sustain irreparable damage and it was up and running after it fixing it a bit.

The Worst Generation’s three strongest fighters, Luffy Law and Kidd, will finally fight against Kaido’s men in “One Piece” Chapter 975. However, their cooperation won’t be as smooth as expected as all of them would want to show off their skills in front of the rest.

As they prepare to launch their attacks, Luffy will tell his two allies to stay back and let him deal with their opponents. “Idiot, you get the hell back!!!” Law yells in response. “Both of you are in my way!!!” Kidd is unhappy with Luffy’s suggestion as well.

Luffy explains that he can defeat all of Kaido’s men in one blow. Not to be outdone, both Law and Kidd claim the same to be able to do the same thing as well.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the military forces that Kaido sunk are all safe. It appears that the ships that were destroyed by Kaido’s men were not needed anyway. This means that all of their forces are still intact at this point.

Apparently, it was thanks to Kinemon. According to Denjiro, who already revealed his identity to the rest of the scabbards, Kinemon purposely read Tokage Port to all those who are near him knowing that Orochi’s spy will relay the wrong information.

However, it appears that Kinemon really committed a mistake when he read the coded message. The alliance should be thankful that he made a mistake as it worked out in their favor in the end.

With all their forces intact, this could mean that their plans to raid Onigashima will still push through. “One Piece” Chapter 975 will arrive on March 22.

One Piece Members of the Straw Hats Pirates in Eiichiro Oda's hit manga and anime series "One Piece." One Piece/Facebook