“One Piece” Chapter 974 spoilers are out and the traitor among the Nine Red Scabbards has been revealed.

Kanjuro, who is one of Oden's most trusted retainers, is actually a spy for Orochi. According to this Reddit page that confirms "One Piece" chapter 974, Law, Luffy, and Kidd have formed an alliance and are on their way to Onigashima.

Meanwhile, fans have put forth a number of predictions on what the upcoming chapter could bring but among the most interesting ones speculate that it might cover one of the most enigmatic characters introduced in the Wano arc – the Numbers of Onigashima.

The Numbers of Onigashima were first introduced in Chapter 954. It was revealed that they are returning to Wano to join Kaido’s Fire Festival.

However, very little is known about them. According to Queen, every member of the Numbers has a drinking problem. In addition, a child told another that they must not be seen by the Number or they’ll be eaten. It’s hard to gauge if it’s just a myth or if there is some truth in the child’s statement.

Perhaps due to the lack of information about them, there were several theories linking them to Kaido. Fans noted that two of their member carried spiked clubs similar to Kaido’s weapon. In addition, all of the group’s members have two horns on their heads like Kaido.

It’s possible that “One Piece” Chapter 974 will finally reveal the link between the Numbers and the Yonko. It’s also interesting to see what role they might play in the Wano Arc.

The upcoming manga installment might finally reveal who the traitor really is, as speculated by Strawhatmanga. While it was already revealed in the previous chapter that Denjijo is actually Kyoshiro, it also became evident that he remains loyal to Oden and her children. Proof of this is that he took Hiyori in and suggested that she change her name to hide her identity from Orochi.

Meanwhile, IBT predicts that “One Piece” Chapter 974 might reveal that Hiyori and Kyoshiro have been harboring plans of revenge behind Orochi’s back. Thus, the two planned to fake Hiyori’s death to fool Orochi.

A fan theory also put forth the possibility that Toki might be referring to the Straw Hats whey she talked about the nine shadows. While many believed that Oden’s wife was talking about the Nine Red Scabbards, Reddit user Nas7eef is confirmed that she is actually referring to Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook.

“One Piece” Chapter 974 will be officially released on March 15.

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Members of the Straw Hats Pirates in Eiichiro Oda's hit manga and anime series "One Piece." One Piece/Facebook

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