War is in the air with the Pro-Heroes finally making their move.  Meanwhile, here are a few “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 261 predictions making their rounds online.

In the recent “Boku No Hero Academia” manga chapter, Endeavor finally led his team to capture the doctor Kyudai Garaki, previously named Maruta Shiga. However, they really found out that he was just a double.

It was later revealed that the scientist’s real body is inside his laboratory. It was actually his double that people saw in the outside world as the scientist devoted all his time to his masterpiece, Tomura Shigaraki, who is already nearing his power-up process.

But Mirko was still able to find the real doctor inside his lab. He was actually in the process of teleporting Tomura and himself when he was interrupted by Mirko who smashed the door.

Now here are a few exciting “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 261 predictions. According to Otakukart, it is possible that Mirko might be a clone as well. In addition, there might still be other members of their group lurking around that might still be able to save Tomura and the doctor.

Meanwhile, EconoTimes wrote that since Johnny, the Nomu with a warping quirk, was injured when Mirko blasted the door, the doctor and Tomura are basically trapped. This could mean that Tomura might be forced to fight Mirko despite not yet a hundred percent powered up.

Should the fight happen, it’ll likely result in the doctor and Tomura being able to escape. Capturing a high ranking villain such as Tomura too early in the arc won’t make sense at this point.

The publication also predicted that a clash between the Paranormal Liberation front and the Pro-Hero forces will happen in “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 261. Previously, it was already revealed that it was part of the plan to round up all members of the Front in one fell swoop.

But rounding up all of their enemies might be too far-fetched even for a powerful organization such as the Pro Heroes. It must be noted that there are strong fighters within the enemy’s ranks with powers they have yet to understand. It could be done but it won’t be a walk in the park either.

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