“Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 263 will show how Kyudai Garaki responds to the threat. With no way out, he will be forced to halt Shigaraki’s power-up process so the latter can battle it out against Mirko.

“Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 262 Recap

Endeavor pressured his team to kill all of the Nomus barring their way faster. He understood that Mirko will probably need help as she is facing far stronger high-end Nomus.

The different classes of Nomus were briefly explained in “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 262, which can be read on MangaPlus. The regular Nomu is divided into lower, middle and upper tiers based on the number of quirks they possess and the enhancements done on their body. An upper-tier Nomu is said to be as strong as ten average people.

But the Nomus Mirko is currently facing are a cut above the rest. Called high-end Nomus, they possess stats way beyond those possessed by the upper tiers.

However, it was revealed that Kyudai Garaki did not have time to fully prepare all the high-end Numos in his possession. Only five of them had a proper trial run, which means that the rest won’t be as effective in using their quirks because they lack battle experience. In fact, this might still be the first time they went into battle.

The Nomu’s were perplexed with Mirko’s tenacity. While fighting against the high-end Nomus, the Pro-Hero revealed some of her moves such as Luna Ring, Luna Fall, and Luna Tijeras.

It was also revealed Shigaraki’s power up completion level. At the moment, he is still 71 percent complete.

Meanwhile, the other Pro-Heroes have started attacking the various hideouts of the Paranormal Liberation Front. They now know that Hawks is the traitor and blamed twice for it.

‘Boku no Hero Academia’ Chapter 263 spoilers

The focus in the upcoming “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 263 will likely be Mirko. Despite her strength and fighting spirit, it looks like fighting five high-end Nomus simultaneously will take a toll on her.

While Endeavor and Crust might do their best to dispatch the numerous Nomus at their end as fast as possible, they won’t be able to handle everything that fast. Thus, it will be a question of endurance for Mirko – she must endure the battle until Endeavor and the rest arrives.

What’s worrying is that Garaki already revealed that he no longer has the means to make his escape along with Shigaraki. “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 263 will likely reveal that the doctor temporarily stopped Shigaraki’s power-up process so he could deal with Mirko.

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