The debut fight of Mark Magsayo for MP Promotions is done and over with but some felt the Filipino pug could have done better. That includes Freddie Roach, the legendary trainer who is guiding the undefeated pride of Bohol.

For those who were able to watch the main card of the FS1 PBC Fight Night, Rigoberto Hermosillo was seen as the more aggressive fighter. The Mexican threw more punches compared to Magsayo but it was the accuracy of the latter that most felt earned him the win.

Hermosillo had more punches landed (181-1136) and thrown (856-417). But the difference was the punches that mattered. Magsayo connected on 33% of his punches while Hermosillo was only 21% per Compubox. But in the eyes of most who see how fighters throw punches, the Mexican’s aggressive nature appeared to be more dominant, Boxingscene reported.

Right now, the number of punches thrown are irrelevant. The fight is over and Magsayo chalked up another win to stay undefeated. But somehow, Roach felt the Filipino could have done better. He said that the undefeated pug is one of his best punchers in the gym and that he was holding back.

"Magsayo is one of the best punchers in our gym," Roach said. "He wasn't letting his hands go enough. We just need him to keep throwing more combinations, but he did enough to win the fight and we're grateful for that."

Though his next opponent has yet to be known, Roach is likely to work on Magsayo once he has recovered from this fight. Most felt that Magsayo had a clear edge but that was seen only in select rounds.

It was in the ninth round where Magsayo showed true to form. He was urged by Roach to pick up the pace and the 25-year-old obliged. The highlight of the ninth round is that he stunned Hermosillo. The Mexican hit the canvas but referee Jack Reiss ruled it as a slip.

Magsayo may be relieved, for now, winning his fight after more than a year. He is thankful to Roach and MP Promotions for the guidance but it remains that there is a lot of work to be done.

"Freddie got me in great shape for this fight and I'm happy working with him. I faced a tough fighter, but I know I'm ready to beat anyone in the division," Magsayo said.

Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach
Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach Getty Images | Ethan Miller

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