One-Year-Old Baby Accidentally Locked In Car Makes Incredible Escape Pixabay/ MabelAmber

A boy reportedly died after he stuck his head out of one of the windows of a bus causing his head to hit a street light post in Mexico on Sunday, Dec. 11.

The minor boy, a seven-year-old boy, was traveling along with his relatives, on a bus to a pilgrimage in Mexico. The family was venturing through the country to celebrate the patron saint of Mexico, 'Our Lady of Guadalupe,' on Sunday, Dec. 11. While they were traveling, when the vehicle reached the streets of the Quinta María neighborhood in the municipality of Veracruz, the boy reportedly stuck his head out of one of the windows of a bus on which he was traveling, Mexico Daily Post reported.

However, while he put his head out the window, the driver of the vehicle got very close to the sidewalk, causing the minor to hit his head against a street light post.

The impact of the hit was so intense that the child was thrown from the truck and died instantly. Following the accident, the driver of the truck marked with the economic number 2617 of the Infonavit Buenavista route fled the area, abandoning the unit. According to witnesses, he got out of the vehicle just as cops arrived.

When the emergency services responded to the scene, the little boy’s body was left in the back seat of the bus. Despite the efforts, the boy could not be saved as he no longer had vital signs. He was pronounced dead at the scene, the Mirror reported.

The tragic story of the accident has left the public distressed. Many users have taken to criticize the child's parents on social media platforms.

"That's why parents should always teach their children not to put their heads out when they're traveling on the bus," one person wrote on Facebook.

"My parents always taught me to never stick my head out the window of a vehicle," another wrote.

"I remember what they always told us as children. Don't stick your head out the car window. Poor little creature," a third person wrote.

Details regarding whether the police have launched a search for the driver currently remain unclear.

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