A 12-year-old boy has been reported dead after he jumped from the terrace of his house while allegedly trying to recreate a Japanese anime scene in the Phoolbagan area of Kolkata, India on Sunday, Feb. 6.

The 12-year-old child, Biraj Pachisia, an eighth-grade student of a reputable school in Park Circus, reportedly died after he hurled himself off the terrace of an 11-story residential building on Canal Circular Road, close to Subhas Sarobar, Kolkata, India on Sunday evening, Feb. 6, NDTV reported.

The boy was found unconscious near the swimming pool of the apartment complex at around 7 p.m on Sunday, Feb. 6. Even though he was rushed to a Divine Nursing Home nearby, he was declared dead upon arrival. The doctors stated that the boy sustained several visible injuries on his body and confirmed that he died due to the fall.

Meanwhile, the authorities have stated that they are awaiting the autopsy results to ascertain the child's exact cause of death.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Priyabrata Roy said that it was too early to conclude whether the boy’s death was an accident or a suicide. Roy added that the victim was reported to be behaving normally before the incident and that there was no reason for him to take his own life, the Times Of India reported.

The officers discovered that the doors to the apartment building's rooftop were locked at 6 p.m each day during the pandemic. However, the boy's fall was reported to have happened an hour after the closing time. This indicated that the door was either open or that the child had accessed the terrace before the doors were locked.

Law enforcement added that they will record the statement of the security guards on the premises and obtain the apartment complex's CCTV surveillance footage for further investigation.

The boy was reportedly watching a Japanese anime series moments before his death. The police officers are also trying to find out whether he fell while trying to replicate a stunt depicted in a Japanese anime series.

“He was a keen viewer of a Japanese web series, our probe has revealed so far. Since the incident took place soon after he had finished watching the series, a link cannot be ignored, and we are probing it. So far, we have also not recovered any suicide notes. But we will be speaking to family members once they get over their initial shock,” Roy added.

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