The girl leaped out the window of a 50-feet building to get away from the Tajik migrant worker who held her at home and raped her.

Aminat Boboeva, 20, leaped from the fourth story to escape the rapist. However, reports said the rapist chased her down and stabbed the victim in the neck many times with a knife. The criminal was stopped from completing the murder by passers-by, and he fled the scene.

They said they were kidnapped and raped by Tajik resident Tolibchon Aminov, who held them captive in his flat. The moment the young woman jumped from the floor, she was caught by the surveillance cameras. The footage was posted on social media. Reports also said that the suspect is also seen in the images as he runs towards the seriously injured young woman to stab her.

The culprit was quickly apprehended and charged with rape, attempted murder, and unlawful detention of two or more people.

Witnesses summoned an ambulance, and the young woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Two more women, ages 22 and 37, were discovered with their hands bound in the apartment of the 28-year-old guest worker.

At a crime reenactment at the scene of the woman's death, the suspect was seen telling investigators (per Mirror): "I stabbed her twice. With a knife. This way. Then I ran away." He uses a mannequin to show how he allegedly assaulted the victim.

Aminov, who worked as a flat renovator, used violence against the woman and beat her up, following which he raped her. This was according to the Russian Investigative Committee.

The man looked for a sharp tool with the purpose to kill her, then walked downstairs and inflicted many wounds on her before fleeing.

Hospital officials said per News Nation USA that the 20-year-old woman is in critical condition with a shattered pelvis and stab wounds.

The suspect, a Tajik national, has been held in custody for two months pending the outcome of the investigation.

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