The father of a teenager approached the police alleging that his daughter had been sexually abused for over a year. He accused several of the teen’s teachers and her school principal of gang-raping her. Following his complaint, three other students also filed complaints against the faculty and headmaster of the school. Police made several arrests based on the complaints.

Police in the west Indian state of Rajasthan moved to make arrests when multiple families filed complaints. It started with the father of a Grade 10 student informing the police in Alwar district, Rajasthan that his daughter had been the victim of gang rape multiple times.

He said those involved were three male teachers and the principal of the government school where the child was enrolled. The teenager had further shared, two female teachers had recorded her being raped by their male colleagues. She told the police that she had been sexually abused for over a year.

Mukesh Yadav of the Mandhana police station confirmed that the teenager was the first of the victims to come forward. Once her complaint was registered, three other victims came forward as well. The police registered the complaints made by the Grade Six, Four and Three students. They too accused the principal and some of the teachers of sexual assault.

The victims told the police that they were threatened with dire consequences if they reported the abuse, India Today reported. One of the fathers also told the police what transpired when he approached the school. He said that he had tried to address the issue with the school authorities.

The principal, who has not been named, threatened the man. He told the father that his brother was a minister and they would have him killed if he tried to file a complaint.

One of the victims told the police that a female teacher lured her to a house where she was gang-raped by three teachers and the principal. The teachers also reportedly tried to bribe the children. They offered to pay the school fees of the students as well as pay for their books.

An investigation has been launched following the complaints. When approached by the police the principal had denied knowing of any incidence of sexual abuse at the school. Police made 10 arrests including the school’s principal.

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A woman reportedly got gang-raped by three men inside a hotel room in Adarsh Nagar, northwest Delhi, India on Sunday, Oct. 9. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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