A youth hailing from Sikar—a village in India’s northern state of Rajasthan— was subjected to brutal humiliation by villagers on the grounds of suspicion of adultery, earlier this month. Infuriated by what the minor boy was being suspected of (planning on eloping with a married woman), the locals stripped the boy, tied iron chains around his neck, and forced him to wear bangles and dress as a woman. The harrowing incident did not stop there, as the men also filmed the entire act on a mobile phone and circulated it.

The victim, as reported by The Times of India, hails from a nomadic family. Further probe into the incident is underway, and medical experts are yet to confirm the age of the victim. As per the police department and Additional SP Ratan Lal, an FIR was filed by the boy’s family at the Patan police station on Tuesday as soon as cops were alerted of the heinous incident. Lal further averred that another complaint was launched by the woman’s family.

“The girl's relatives have also filed a complaint against the boy. We are investigating the matter. The FIR was quickly registered when the video came to our notice,” stated the ASP. While a few suspects were detained, several others who were involved in the act haven’t been identified as yet.

In a similar disturbing event of sorts, a village panchayat in Bihar allegedly ordered locals to strip, thrash and parade three Dalit boys for suspected of theft—pertaining to the robberies of batteries. The torture was inflicted upon the youths by men who were acting on the orders of the local leader in Gaya, a remote village in Bihar.

The humiliation didn’t end there, as the victims were also forced to do sit-ups and run around in circles as they were filmed. The footage created a furor as soon as it got circulated on social media. As reported by Times Now News, law enforcement officials nabbed three suspects Mohammad Sheru Alam, the shop owner Mohammad Zinnat, Mohammad Tezu, Amarjeet Singh, Mohammad Nasir, and Mohammad Akhtar for their alleged involvement in the incident. 

police line crime scene A representational image of a crime scene. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images