While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody battle might be over, they’re still facing lengthier and even more complicated negotiations up ahead. According to legal and financial experts, it might take years for the former Hollywood power couple to reach an agreement over how to divide their enormous fortune.

The total value of Pitt and Jolie’s matrimonial assets is estimated to be worth £500 million. It consists of various properties, vintage motorbikes, jewelry, art collection and couture clothing.

The problem is that they can’t seem to agree on most things when it comes to their assets. For instance, they can’t agree on what to do with their Château Miraval in Provence, France.

The former couple bought a 1,000-acre wine estate for $60 million from American businessman Tom Bove and turned it into an award-winning winery, which doubled the property’s value in just a few years. “He’s anxious to sell, but she wants to keep it as a continuing revenue source,” a source familiar with the details revealed.

But that’s just one of the many issues that Jolie and Pitt can’t seem to agree on. “And that really is just the tip of the iceberg — they can't agree on anything other than a few minor points and are completely at loggerheads over the major issues,” the source added.

With both sides not keen on making a compromise, it will take longer to sort things out. “It has become a financial minefield for lawyers and accountants on both sides that will take ages to figure out,” the insider explained.

However, there is a way for either party to get their hands on a specific asset. “If Brad or Angelina want to keep certain properties, they will have to ‘buy out’ the other person at what both parties agree is a fair price,” explained Jenna Spatz, a divorce lawyer based in Beverly Hills.

Understandably, this type of deal tends to get more complicated the more assets the divorced couple has. “When you are dealing with multiple properties or possessions, the whole scenario is magnified,” Spatz said. “Division of assets and money is never easy — and the wealthier a couple is, the harder it can get.”

Jolie’s estimated net worth is around $280 million. Meanwhile, Pitt is a bit wealthier with a net worth of around $420 million.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Getty Images