Brad Pitt is allegedly already fed up with Angelina Jolie’s tactics to drag out their divorce. The actor has reportedly given her ex-wife an ultimatum to sign the divorce papers or risk being hit with fines.

In 2016, Jolie confirmed to the press that she was divorcing Pitt after 13 years of marriage. Three years later, however, their divorce remains up in the air as Jolie is said to deliberately stall the process. Earlier this week, a source revealed that Pitt is now taking legal action against Jolie, imposing fines to get the actress to sign the papers.

When Jolie filed the divorce three years ago, she kept all her six children away from Pitt. While the ex-couple has already agreed on a co-parenting strategy that works for them and their children, new reports suggest that Pitt and Jolie are now back at war again as Pitt has already gotten frustrated with Jolie doing everything to keep the divorce process from progressing.

Jolie has reportedly been postponing meetings and court dates and rescheduling them to a later time. According to a source, the actress has been doing this for years but she has not heard anything from Pitt. However, the actor has already reached his limit and has decided to talk to his lawyers to give Jolie an ultimatum, in which she needs to sign the divorce papers or she will pay a large fine.

For years, Pitt is said to have been patient with the delays in their divorce and to have been understanding of Jolie. But now he already allegedly wants to close this chapter in his life and move forward, and the only way that it can happen is if Jolie cooperates with him. Otherwise, the divorce will keep hanging over his head.

It can be recalled that the last development in Pitt and Jolie’s divorce happened in April, when the pair filed a bifurcated judgment in their divorce, which rendered both of them legally single. Unfortunately, the judgment did not finalize the divorce.

Currently, both parties are still finalizing their agreements regarding their assets and the custody of their children. Pitt has been struggling to get Jolie’s cooperation when it comes to the negotiations as the actress reportedly draws out the process in hopes of getting Pitt back. However, neither Pitt nor Jolie has commented on the issue, so fans should take these ultimatum reports with a grain of salt.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Getty Images