While divorcing might be the best option for an incompatible couple, the process is usually stressful for the spouses but even more so for the children. For fans who are wondering how Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children are holding up after the couple’s split, here are their latest updates.

Jolie will be mostly taking care of their six children this summer. In fact, the actress already took the kids with her to New Mexico, which will become their temporary home for the summer.

However, the actress will be pretty busy this summer juggling work and being a mom of six. The reason for their relocation to New Mexico is that it is the film location for her upcoming movie, “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

Being in a new environment might be a bit stressful for the kids, but Jolie is making sure they’ll enjoy the summer and the temporary home as much as possible. “They have taken multiple Target runs and love shopping and going out to eat,” an unnamed source revealed.

For the younger ones, the actress did not spare anything and got them the toys they want. “Angelina spoils them with carts full of toys and sporting goods,” the source added. “She loves to indulge them with new things as much as she can. She has had to work a lot so she wanted them to have fun and stay busy. When they arrived, they set up their house with all kinds of new pets, stuff for their rooms and toys.”

But contrary to some reports saying that Jolie is trying to lessen Brad Pitt’s face time with the children, her former husband is actually okay with her taking the kids with her to New Mexico. In fact, he gave his assent to such arrangement for the summer.

“The kids will be back and forth to Los Angeles to see Brad,” a source told Us Weekly. “Brad will also be spending time in New Mexico this summer because at times it will just be easier for him to go there.”

Pitt and Jolie might have divorced, but their children’s happiness remains a top priority for them. “It’s a very healthy situation and Brad is grateful that all of the animosity is in the past,” the source said.

“There's a lot of ongoing therapy and meetings to try and make decisions together and keep things consistent for the kids,” the source told Us Weekly. “They do not agree on a lot but they do both want the kids to be happy.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the film "Mr & Mrs Smith." Mr & Mrs Smith/Facebook