Rumors of a lovers’ reunion between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt just won’t die down. It doesn’t help that the “Friends” star was reportedly caught on cam with Brad Pitt on a boat in Italy. Is the ship really sailing again?

Once again, Gossip Cop cleared the air by debunking this crazy gossip. Although Pitt was indeed with a woman, it wasn’t Aniston or any new lady love.

While at the Venice Film Festival, the actor took the boat as his transportation of choice, hence the boat ride with the unknown woman plus a few more friends. The person spotted could have easily been mistaken as Aniston since her face was concealed and she sported a dirty blonde hair and was wearing a floppy hat.

The publication in question was the New Idea tabloid, which claimed the “outing” as an official announcement of its second shot at love. “Since arriving in Italy, they have made no effort to hide away and are acting like a normal, happy, in-love couple,” an insider supposedly dished. “They’re tired of staying behind closed doors and keeping their romance under lock and key,” the mag also quoted.

Further evidence that points to the falsity of the report is a recent update by Daily Mail, which published more photos from Pitt’s visit to Italy. Upon inspection, what was purported as a love boat was actually a water taxi that he took with some friends and colleagues to the film festival. His new sci-fi drama, Ad Astra, is in competition at the 76th leg of the said event.

It is highly likely that New Idea also had access to the other photos in this pap set but hid them for the sake of fanning the flame of these reconciliation rumors. As recent as last week, the tabloid also reported that the two jetted off to Mexico for a getaway. In April, they even claimed that the two were getting married for the second time. New Idea really got the wrong idea.

The two remain friends, though. The 55-year-old actor briefly attended the actress’ 50th birthday celebration, along with some close friends. Their constant connection could be one of the causes of the nonstop gossip hounding them.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston The hot again couple dines at L'Ami Louis restaurant in the romantic city of Paris. EXCLUSIVE, May 27, 2004. Getty Images