Keep your eyes glued here as we bring you all the latest live updates, images, scores, highlights and coverage of the 2014 World Cup Round of 16 elimination game between Brazil and Chile:

You have to give it up for Chile. It is heartbreak, but that's how it goes in the World Cup. Brazil should feel very fortunate to still be in this tournament. Not a good performance by them. You have to applaud the Chileans. WOW! Thanks for joining us. Be sure to check in back at to see full recap and analysis. Thanks for joining me. We hope to see you soon!

Chile hit the post!!! Brazil advances 3-2 on penalties!!!!!!!

Neymar now. 3-2 Brazil. 

Diaz for Chile, to tie. He does. 2-2 a piece. 

Hulk steps up, saved!!! 2-1 it stays. 

Aranguiz for Chile. He puts it into the top of the net. 2-1 Brazil. 

Marcelo puts it in 2-0 Brazil!

Alexis Sanchez misses. Cesar saves it again!!! 1-0 Brazil it stays. 

Willian up next. He misses, he put it wide! 1-0 Brazil still. 

Pinilla for Chile. Saved by Cesar!!! 1-0 Brazil after 1 round.

David Louiz steps up to take the first one. He sends the keeper the wrong way. 1-0 Brazil

Bravo has saved 1/7 penalties that he has faced in the last year. We are about to get going here. Moments away!

FINAL WHISTLE: We are going to penalties. Unbelievable stuff. Not what the Brazilian fans were expecting on this day. Stay tuned as we will have live updates on every penalty. 

120'- Pinilla for Chile hits the crossbar. Oh my word!!! That could have been it!!! Unbelievable!

120'- Only moments before we go to penalties. 


116'- The Brazilians just cannot break the Chilean backline. They just don't look very menacing around the goal. 

113'- Seven minutes left and the stadium is almost silent. The nerves running through the country are becoming more and more apparent. 


107'-Gary Medel comes off for Jose Rojas. Medel deserves a hand for his performance today. He has been spectacular in the back. 

106'-Jo finds space off a Neymar corner kick, but he is not able to keep his header down. We remain tied. 

Willian comes on for Oscar at the start of the second period. A Chelsea boy for a Chelsea boy. Oscar has not been involved in this one. Willian can give Brazil the spark they are seeking. Very fast and good on the ball. 


105'-Dani Alves receives a yellow. Free kick to Chile from about 40-yards out. But it is deflected and we go to another 15 minutes to find a winner. 

103'- Hulk once more brilliantly creates himself space, getting a shot off from about 30-yards out. Once more Bravo does well to get behind the ball. Brazil are really knocking on the door. 

102'- Chile are willing themselves to the penalty shoot out. They have had most of their men behind the ball for most of this half. If they do find something it will most likely be through Alexis Sanchez on the counter. 

Brazil have looked dangerous in the opening five minutes. Going out this early would be more than catastrophic. It just cannot happen. Chile are  holding well though, they have been very good in their defensive third. 

HERE WE GO: Second half is underway. 


WHISTLE BLOWS: After 90' the score remains 1-1. After a quick break, there will be two 15 minute halves and if no winner is decided by then; we will head to penalties. This game has even the neutrals on the edge of their seats. Intense is the only word that could describe this game in a nutshell. 

87'- Valiant effort from Arturo Vidal as he is forced off in favor or Mauricio Pinilla. Vidal has been struggling with injury this entire tournament but would not let it keep him out of one of the biggest games of his life. 


83'- Hulk almost gets the goal he was looking for. He single handedly dribbled passed 4 Chilean defenders only to see his right footed shot from 8-yards out brilliantly saved by Bravo. Wow, that would have been something special. 

81'-Seemingly out out of nothing Brazil almost grabs a late goal. Alves put in a perfect ball as Neymar ran on to it, only to head it directly at Claudio Bravo from about 6-yards out. The young Brazilian should have put that away. The Brazilians are looking a bit stronger at the moment. Chile is doing well to stifle them in the final third though. 

Neymar has been invisible during the second half. I don't even know if he's touched the ball. The young Brazilian needs to turn it on here in the final ten minutes. 

74'- Jo almost puts Brazil into the lead. Hulk's ball into the middle found the wide open Brazilian striker, but it seemed like he completely whiffed on his attempt. 

73'-The crowd is becoming more and more anxious and it seems to be resonating onto the players. A very sloppy half from both sides. Will we see extra time?


64'- Cesar makes up for his questionable goal keeping to keep the score level. A very good reaction save as the ball was struck hard from about 10 yards out. Wonderful save!

64'-Fred deservedly gets taken off for Jo. Fred has had a terrible tournament thus far.

59'-Yellow card for Luis Gustavo. If Brazil advance he will miss the next game. 


54'-Hulk thought that he made up for his error earlier as he put the ball into the net; only to see Howard Webb call it back as he motioned towards the Brazilian using his hand. So from having brought your country into the lead, to getting a yellow card for using your hand. Not sure it was the right call though. 


49'-Brazil with the first chance of the half. Fernandinho strikes the ball perfectly from 25-yards out, only to see it go just wide of Bravo's goal. 

The second half is underway!

HALFTIME: 1-1 after forty-five. Incredible game so far. Brazil has looked the more dangerous team, but the error from Hulk haunts them as the Chileans have had their moments. See you back here in 15 minutes time. 

45'- Chile almost get a second. It was a bad giveaway again as Chile almost went into the break with a shocking 2-1 lead. 


40'- Francisco Silva with Chile's second yellow card of the game. He would also miss the next match if Chile progresses. 

35'-Neymar nearly gets one back as he found space in the centre of the box, only to see his header slightly deflect off a Chilean defender and go inches wide of goal.

Caesar used to be one of the best keepers in the entire world, but he wasn't even good enough to play for QPR (who are not even in the Premier League anymore). He is currently playing with Toronto in the MLS and somehow is good enough to play for Brazil. He really should have done better with that shot. 

31'-GOOOOAAALLL for Chile. Stunning stuff in Belo Horizante. Hulk makes the error on the back pass and Alexis Sanchez clinically slots it into the bottom right corner. Questionable stuff from Brazil as Julio Caesar should probably have done better with that shot. 1-1!

Neymar's flopping is on full display today. Scolari looks like he's going to blow an artery every time the young Brazilian gets touched. 

On the replay it looks like it was an own goal for Chile. I think it has been reversed as well. David Luiz still without a World Cup goal. Either way, Brazil after 25', leads 1-0.




18'-GOOOOAAAALLLL for Brazil!!! David Luiz scores a sitter, as Neymar's corner kick is flicked on by Thiago Silva, only for the PSG defender to put it in from 3-yards away. An early goal from Brazil, exactly the start they were looking for. 

16'-Eugenio Mena (Chile) receives the first yellow of the game. It is his second and if Chile advances he will not be able to take part

13'-Boos ring down from around the stadium (country) as Hulk is brought down in the box. Howard Webb rules against it as play goes on. Very questionable as a penalty could have surely been awarded there. 

Through 10' Chile has not bowed down to the Brazilians. The Chileans are holding their own, and look somewhat threatening in the final third. Neither team with any clear cut chances though. 





Very chippy opening as both teams commit hard fouls.

As the whistle blows, here is a quick look at how dominant Brazil have been against Chile. 48-7-13!


Good Morning! Welcome to Bela Horizonte where Yellow and Green is everywhere as Brazil is ready to play Chile. The local Brazilian newspapers were lucky enough to publish Chile's flight schedule home after the match today? Bad Omen? To Presumptious? We'll find out Live at 12:00PM EST. Starting Lineups to follow: