Keep your eyes glued here as we bring you all the latest live updates, images, scores, highlights and coverage of the 2014 World Cup Semifinal elimination game between Brazil and Germany.

The final whistle blows as Germany advances to the World Cup Final. It was a masterclass performance from Jogi Loew's men. For all the recap, analysis from this semifinal matchup can be seen here at Thank you for joining us, I hope you enjoyed the coverage!

90'-Oscar gets one back for Brazil. 7-1 now.


83'-the Brazilian fans have started to chant and applaud the German team as they keep passing the ball around the Brazilians. Unbelievable scenes in Belo Horizonte.

79'-The Germans have scored touchdown. 7-0. Andre Schuerrle scores one of the nicest goals of the tournament. What a goal. There is now a mass exodus in Belo Horizonte. 

76'-Julian Draxler comes on for Sami Khedira. Khedira it has to be said was the best player on the pitch today. 

"You can here a pin drop in this stadium."-ESPN

69'-GOAAALL for Germany. 6-0 for "Die Mannschaft." It was Andre Schuerrle this time. Boos are starting to ring out from the crowd. One has to feel for the people of Brazil. For a country that loves soccer this much, to have their team perform like this is an embarrassment. 



64'-Germany look content just sitting back and booting the ball out of the box any chance they get. It wouldn't come as a surprise if they get another as Brazil has pushed up almost their entire team. 


58'-Miroslav Klose comes off for Andre Schuerrle. Klose is now the all time leading goal scorer at a World Cup with 16 goals.


53'- Neuer has already saved three goals for the Germans. Germany has looked very lethargic in the half thus far. 

50'- The biggest chance for Brazil thus far as the ball is played across the box only to have Neuer stand in the way. 

The Brazilian tactic so far in the second half. Go down anytime you are touched in the box. The Mexican ref is having none of it though. 

45'-The second half gets underway. Can Brazil muster anything in the second half?

45'-The whistle blows as one of the most bizarre halves of soccer comes to an end. Germany-Brazil 5-0.


40'-It has been ten minutes now since the Germans last scored a goal. 


30'-GOALLLL for Germany. The Germans are just passing it around the Brazilians. This is unbelievable. Never has anyone seen something like this in the world of soccer. 


25'-GOOOAAALLL for Germany. No this is not a typo. The Germans are running riot right now. 3 goals in 3 minutes for the Germans. 

24'-GOAAAALLL for Germany. Unbelievable stuff. Kroos with a splendid hit with the left foot. The entire world is in utter shock. 

23'-GOAAAALLL for Germany!!! Miroslav Klose gets the goal that breaks the all time scoring record. Great first save from Cesar only to see the ball bounce back to Klose who slots it in. 

17'-Beautiful tackle from Philipp Lahm as Marcelo makes a darting run into the box. The Bayern Munich captain could very well have saved a goal there.


10'-1-0 Germany!!!! Thomas Mueller is left wide open on a corner kick and makes no mistake in putting the ball into the net. What a present from the Brazilians. 

8'-Germany is starting to come into the game more now. They look more and more confident on the ball. 


3'- Marcelo with a shot from twenty yards out. Brazil definitely look up for the occasion early.

1'- Brazil with an early corner. Cleared by Boateng.

1'-We are off! Brazil are in their famous yellow jerseys while Germany are in their alternate black and red. 


Welcome everyone to Belo Horizonte for this great clash of former champions. Starting Lineups to come: