Embarrassment, humiliation, irritation, disappointment, failure are the words that have been used to describe Brazil's defeat at German hands. Brazilian newspapers today spared no blows to refer to Brazil's 1-7 loss to Germany yesterday in the semifinals of the World Cup, which is the biggest defeat the team has faced in 100 years of history. "Outrage, revolt, pain, frustration, irritation, shame, sorrow, disappointment" was the headline in sports daily Lance, which left the cover blank to invite readers to vent their frustration. 

For the Brazilian press, the humiliating defeat was the worst blow since the so-called 'Maracanazo,' when Brazil lost 2-1 in the World Cup final held at home in 1950. "Shame, humiliation, humiliation", "Humiliation at home" and "Brazil suffers worst defeat ever" were some of the headlines on Wednesday morning. For Lance, Brazil suffered the worst defeat of its centennial history, to suffer a humiliation against Germany and, for the second time, lose the chance to be world champion at home. 

"It was the greatest defeat in a hundred years of selection. It was the greatest defeat in a qualifying match in a decisive phase of worldwide football since 1930. No host of a World Cup has ever conceded seven goals. It was not a second Maracanazo. It was a German Minerazen," said the sports daily. The Rio newspaper O Globo agreed that the home defeat was the worst ever suffered in Brazil's history. "The Brazilian team yesterday suffered the worst humiliation in its hundred-year history The 7-1 loss against Germany was the most humiliating since July 21, 1914.