A bride-to-be has enraged her family and friends by asking $99 for a "banquet style feast" at her impending reception.

A disappointed guest resorted to Reddit to vent her frustrations. After getting an invitation that stated the couple could not afford the food fees, user u/Civil Experience aired her fury in the sub-Reddit r/weddingshaming.

In a short period, it has earned about 3.4k upvotes. The user described her experience of getting invited to a friend's wedding in the future year in a Reddit post. The invitation, however, came with its own set of restrictions and requirements.

The Reddit user claimed that the couple had decided to have a 'adults only' wedding at a site four hours away to rub salt in the wound. That means anyone attending would have to pay for gas, babysitting, and a hotel room.

According to the guest, the couple will not have an open bar but will still have a wishing well. It is a place where friends and family may leave gifts, mostly in the form of money.

A wishing well, the guest explained, is a box or a miniature well into which guests can deposit a "money present" for their future, honeymoon, or new home.

'They have three kids and a house already and are not planning on a honeymoon," she added.

The reaction to such a wedding invitation on social media was divided. While some users were perplexed by the format of the invitation, others chastised the bride and groom for asking the guests to pay in such a direct manner. But many condemned the 'disgusting' move online. Credits claimed that they 'wouldn't even let the ink dry' before delivering their rejection.

According to News18, one user wrote: “I would have burst into laughter while saying no and would have tossed the invitation in the trash.” Another wrote, “I wouldn’t even acknowledge I received it.”

This is not the first time a couple has requested that guests pay for items at their wedding, Funding News Asia said. Recently, a couple sent 'invoices' to guests who did not show up for their wedding meal and did not bother to inform anyone. Another married couple asked a wedding guest to reimburse them for the second slice of cake he ate.

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