This groom could never have thought that failing a simple test of his mathematical intellect would jeopardize his marriage plans. A bride from Uttar Pradesh, India, canceled her wedding just before the garlands were exchanged, to conclude the Hindu marriage ceremony because the groom was unable to recite the multiplication table of two.

Just as the wedding was about to be solemnized, a math test helped the bride realize that she would not want to tie the knot with someone “who does not know the basics of mathematics," Tribune India reported. The bride's sister lauded her decision saying her "courageous sister walked out without fear of social taboo."

The groom, dressed to the nines, arrived at the wedding hall on Saturday evening with his family, but the bride, suspicious of his educational credentials, demanded that he recite the table of 2 before the garlands could be exchanged, reported.  When the groom failed to do what was asked of him, the bride summed it up that she was being deceived and decided to dump him on the aisle.

Vinod Kumar, the Panwari Station House Officer, said that the marriage was an arranged alliance and that the groom was from Dhawar village in Mahoba district, Uttar Pradesh.

The bride's cousin said that they were appalled to learn that the groom was uneducated. They felt deceived that they were duped by the groom's family. After the math test that put the groom's wedding at stake, the bride's family was sure that he had lied to them despite not having received any formal education.

The police did not file a report after both the families reached an agreement after mediation of the villagers. The bride and groom's families would have to return all the wedding presents, jewelry, and any other gifts that were exchanged prior to the wedding that was called off. 

Of late, brides in India seem to be using the mathematical parameters to gauge the groom’s worth, concluding by calling off the wedding if disappointed with the results. A similar incident had occurred in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, where the bride called of the wedding when she found that her would-be husband couldn’t count, NDTV reported.

The girl had her doubts about the groom's education, prompting him to count currency notes, which he failed, and she refused to marry him as a result.

Often, arranged marriages in villages, provide brides and grooms with negligible information about each other and are usually based on what both the families have said about their children, leading to last-minute surprises like these.

Hindu bride A Hindu bride wearing traditional outfits waits during a mass marriage ceremony for some 48 couples organized by Pakistan Hindu Council, in Karachi on January 10, 2021. Photo by RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP via Getty Images