A Florida bride, who twerked and gave her husband a lap dance in a thong on her wedding day, is going viral online.

A Twitter user reposted a clip of the bride, Rochelle, and asked if the woman in a backless dress with a shimmery thong in the video was actually the bride. In the video, which has been viewed than 3.2 million views on Twitter, Rochelle is barefoot and is seen pushing a boy out of her way as she heads towards her happy groom, who is seated right in the middle of a dance floor. Then she bends over and wiggles her bottom in her husband’s face while her bridal party joins in and starts doing the sultry moves to Beyoncé’s “Dance for You," reported New York Post.

It happened in front of gawking wedding guests who recorded the bold dance on their phones. One guest posted a video of the dance on her Instagram Story last weekend. The video focusses on the bride and her bridesmaids doing suggestive moves in the TikTok-viral “Twerkulator” dance, which ends in a bottoms bounce. At one point, Rochelle gets on all fours and jiggles her bottom up and down to a cheering crowd of guests.

The couple's guests appeared to love the bold performance, but some Twitter users thought it was "tacky" and "shameful," according to Daily Mail.

One tweeted that everything was "tacky, and said, "The twerking bridesmaids, the barefoot bride, showing (her) whole a** in front of your entire family, just one big ghetto mess." Another wrote that doing a lap dance routine for "your husband wearing next to nothing in front of his closest friends and both your families is beyond ghetto lmaooo that’s not even the right word to define it yet I can’t even quantify how wildly tacky this is."

But there were some who didn't find anything wrong in the video. One said that it was sad how people can't even have fun at their own "wedding reception without being judged." The Twitter user reminded that the bride was dancing for her man, and that modesty was created by a man "who was insecure about showing off his mate." Another laughed it off and said that she'll do a similar dance for her husband "with or without his judgemental family."

This is a representational image. Pixabay