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A British woman was arrested at Cancun International Airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle 10 kilograms of drugs that were found inside her luggage. Reports on the incident were released last Sunday night stating the woman had cocaine hidden in packets and bottles in her luggage as she tried to enter Mexico through terminal 2 of Cancun Airport.

According to The Sun, reports said she had arrived in the country from Amsterdam and didn’t seem suspicious at all. Her luggage had been checked and nothing illegal was found. But an immigration officer’s sniffer dog alarmed his handler when he reacted rather curiously towards the woman’s suitcase and was held while officers inspected her luggage. The suitcase under suspicion was empty but was abnormally heavy. Officers ran her suitcase through an x-ray revealing several packages containing drugs that were stored in a secret compartment. Looking into the bag, nothing strange could be pointed out until a hidden bottom compartment was opened containing the smuggled narcotics.

Two sources said that nine packages containing a white powdery substance, presumably cocaine, were found inside the woman’s suitcase. The drugs were stored in several bags and bottles. The weight of the substance was tallied up to 10 kilograms, the Cancun Sun reported. Information on the woman’s identity has not been released but she is now under the jurisdiction of the local law enforcement agencies. She is scheduled for a court appearance in the coming weeks and if found guilty, she may face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

This is not an uncommon event in Cancun. The state of Quintana Roo has been going through a crippling increase in drug-related crimes over recent years. The popularity of Cancun has also brought in a lucrative market for drugs and has made the region a haven for organized crime. Several gangs are trying to take the helm of control of Quintana Roo, which has resulted in violence in the streets and has already spilled into the state’s tourist spots. Although visitors are not the main targets, the ever-present ambiance of violence has posed a risk for those who venture outside their hotel green zone.

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