British Army medic reportedly offered a 12-year-old girl £300 ($366) in exchange for her virginity. 

Private Peter Harries, 28, who asked a "12-year-old girl" to be his "sugar baby" and offered money to take her virginity, has been jailed for over two years. Harries was believed to be messaging a child named "Chloe" while using the app Kik. However, he was talking to two undercover police officers. Harries offered to pay her £5 ($6) for naked pictures, £10 ($12) for a naked video and up to £100 ($122) for sex.

According to the Bulford Military Court, when Chloe asked whether it mattered that she had not had sex before, Harries said he would pay her £300 ($366) as it was her first time. Major Jon Griffiths, prosecuting, said, "The online persona says she was 12 and from the UK and he asks 'would you like to be my sugar baby'. She asks what a sugar baby is. He says 'I pay you, I have sex with you, you send pics and videos."

Harries, serving under 1 Medical Regiment, was arrested. Upon the investigation, indecent images, including one Category A, which is the highest category, were found on his computer in his home in Tidworth, Wiltshire. "During those conversations, he told her that he was a medic at a hospital from Wiltshire. He asked for her phone number, but she did not give it so he gave a phone number instead." Griffiths continued, "The police then tracked it back to him and his parents' address."

Meanwhile, Jonathan Lynch, defending, told the court, "He is a decent compassionate caring father, husband and soldier. He is disgusted by the part of him that finds children attractive, he feels real despair and finds that part of him abhorrent."

The medic has reportedly worked in the army for almost four years. He pleaded guilty to three charges of attempting to incite a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and one count of making indecent images. He has now been given a 30-month prison sentence and he was dismissed from the army. Harries was also placed under a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

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