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Brooke Shields revealed that she was sexually assaulted shortly after graduating from college in 1987 in her new documentary, “Pretty Baby.”

Brooke Shields revealed in her new documentary, “Pretty Baby,” that shortly after graduating from college in 1987, she had dinner with a man she knew to talk about potential projects since she was trying to get back into Hollywood. After dinner, the man then allegedly convinced her to come back to his hotel and told her that he would call her a cab home, New York Daily News reported.

“I go up to the hotel room, and he disappears for a while,” she said.

She added that she noted a pair of binoculars in the room. She then picked up the binoculars and was watching volleyball players out the window when the man returned to the room naked, Page Six reported.

“I put the binoculars down and he’s right on me. Just like, was wrestling,” she said. She added that she didn’t fight out of fear. “I was afraid I’d get choked out or something.”

“So, I didn’t fight that much. I didn’t. I just absolutely froze. I thought one ‘No’ should’ve been enough, and I just thought, ‘Stay alive and get out,’ and I just shut it out.

“God knows I knew how to be disassociated from my body. I’d practiced that.”

After the assault, Shields, 57, said she went down the elevator, got a cab, and cried all the way to her friend’s apartment. Shields said that she didn’t process that she was raped for a long time and that she blamed herself for the assault.

“He said to me, ‘I can trust you and I can’t trust people.’ It’s so cliché, it’s practically pathetic,” she said. “I believed somehow I put out a message and that was how the message was received. I drank wine at dinner. I went up to the room. I just was so trusting.”

Shields added that years later, she wrote her attacker a letter confronting him about what he’d done, which was ignored.

“I wanted to erase the whole thing from my mind and body and just keep on the path I was on. The system had never once come to help me. So, I just had to get stronger on my own,” she said.

Shields shares two daughters with her husband Chris Henchy. She has previously talked about being sexualized in Hollywood after she appeared nude in the 1978 film “Pretty Baby" from which the new documentary is named.

“Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday. The documentary will be available on Hulu later this year.

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