A scuffle over property turned deadly after two bickering brothers from Tse-Agbulu, Kunav, died untimely deaths, as they slumped at a site that belonged to their father, upon exchanging incantations.

The fateful incident occurred on Feb. 5 between 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m., where the Sengev council ward of Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State maintained that the dual deaths were reported after two brothers, identified as Lorhemba Adóón and Jima Adóón, bickered endlessly over family property. The deceased men were reportedly the eldest sons of late Adóón Agbulu.

Their corpses have been sent to the morgue for autopsy, as confirmed by the spokesperson of the Benue State Police Command, DSP Catherine Anene.

The news of their deaths came to the fore after Udam Samuel Aseer Nts, shared the incident on Facebook on Feb. 18. As per Aseer’s version, an altercation broke out after Jima hired a tractor to plow his rice farm near river Benue. The act triggered his older brother Iorhemba, who confronted him and dispersed the workers citing that the land was their father’s and as the eldest son, the right over the land was ideally his.

This in turn left Jima livid, who in his argument placed that he supported their late father during the times he needed it the most. The confrontation led to a war of words, and they soon resorted to charms and uttered spells in full public view, as reported in “Emmanuel’s Blog”.

The burial of the brothers will be held on March 5 and 6 at their ancestral home in Tse-Agbulu, Sengev District Gwer-West LGA Benue.

The fallout was the result of a tussle over familial property.
The fallout was the result of a tussle over familial property. Emmanuel's Blog

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