A bullet reportedly grazed a New York Police Department officer’s head while she was off duty on Monday after suspected gang members allegedly showered her Long Island home with more than 30 rounds of bullets.

The officer who had a brush with death, Nathaly Gomez Iglesias, 23, works out of the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica, Queens, and lives with her sister and mother in the Brentwood home.

It is speculated that the shooting could have actually been targeting the boyfriend of Gomez Iglesias’ sister. The notorious MS-13 gang-member boyfriend reportedly previously lived at the address, investigation officers said. Authorities have yet to offer updates regarding the shooters’ identities or whereabouts.

The gunmen allegedly drove up to Gomez Iglesias’ home on Morton St. near Washington Avenue and proceeded to launch the onslaught, firing about 33 bullets into the house at around midnight, officials said. The shooters fleed the scene shortly after.

Gomez Iglesias was reportedly eating inside her home when the shots were fired and she was scraped by a bullet in the head, police said. Following the attack, the officer was immediately rushed to South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, nobody else in the house was injured in the attack, reported the Daily News.

The bullets reportedly left a considerable amount of damage to the property. Some bullets shattered the glass on the front door, a few went through a front window, some pierced the mailbox, siding, and brick on the front of the house, and a handful blew out the window of a white sedan that was in the driveway.

In light of the incident, Gomez Iglesias could face disciplinary action for violating a strict NYPD policy that forbids members of the force from associating with known criminals or active gang members, New York Post reported.

When reached for comment, the officer reportedly declined and said that she didn’t want to talk. The city payroll records show that Gomez Iglesias reportedly joined the NYPD in 2019.

“We heard the shots, but we don’t know anything more because we were sleeping,” a neighbor, Iris Hernandez, 44, said. “At the beginning, I did think they were shots, but there were so many that then I thought they were maybe fireworks. So that’s what happened — we stayed there, really thinking they were fireworks. Only when I went to the bathroom I realized that all the police were here. It’s worrisome.”

Neighbor Joy Iloegbu, 62, who revealed that she is not very familiar with the sisters said that she is concerned about their mother, who only recently returned home in a wheelchair after being hospitalized for a long period due to an illness.

“She’s a very, very nice woman,” Iloegbu said. “She doesn’t deserve to have anyone shoot up her house. She doesn’t look for trouble. The house is quiet. I never see people running in and out of her house.”

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A bullet scraped an off-duty New York Police Department officer’s head on Monday after suspected gang members showered her Long Island home with more than 30 rounds of bullets. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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