Ideally, burglars would end up being hunted down or jailed once they do their malicious acts. But in the case of the man who broke into Diablo’s Southwest Grill, the owner of the place responded differently. He ended up offering a job to the thief with no strings attached.

It was on early Saturday when a yet-to-be-identified man threw a brick and broke into the Diablo’s Southwest Grill. But to the intruder’s surprise, there was no cash in the register. Fleeing the scene after a failed burglary attempt, the aftermath left restaurant owner Carl Wallace with a damaged door that looked pretty bad. He had to put two sheets of plywood over the front door, something that would ordinarily make anyone irate.

Our burritos are such a smash hit we’ve got people breaking in at 4am for their fix. So if ya see our door looking...

Posted by Diablo's Southwest Grill on Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Georgia restaurant owner admitted to Today Food that the first response anyone would have is to be angry and frustrated. They had to explain why their door was like that and knew they were going to get questions on why it was looking like that.

Rather than do the usual things that business establishment owners would react to, Wallace did the opposite. He did explain why the door at his restaurant looked like that but made a key statement when he ended up offering the burglar a job. Wallace understands that the intruder was going through rough times and struggling with life decisions, an area where he could help by offering a job most uncannily.

“To the would be robber who is clearly struggling with life decisions or having money issues... please swing by for a job application. There are better opportunities out there than this path you’ve chosen,” part of the Diablo’s Southwest Grill post read.

The unusual response to the burglary went viral. There were some outlets from Europe and Australia that wanted to share his story. Pastors also lauded him for his decision.

Wallace made it clear that if the burglar does come forward, he will not press charges. He feels that it will only make matters worse and he wants to approach the unfortunate incident in a different Christian way that only a select few would perhaps do.

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