Spoilers for "One Piece" chapter 1010 have arrived and plenty of shocking revelations will be unveiled in this chapter.

This article may reveal major plot points and for those who haven't read "One Piece" chapter 1009 yet, take a pause and make sure to read it first.

The chapter starts with Big Mom continuing to fall off from the top of Onigashima. Meanwhile, Luffy was defeated by Kaido's devastating attack and the latter is now on his way to save Big Mom. The Yonko attacks Zoro to free Prometheus, but Law uses his powers to switch his ally out of the dangerous situation to attack Kaido.

This exchange resulted in Prometheus being able to escape and rescue Big Mom. Kid and Killer see this and tell Zoro to leave Big Mom to them since their goal is to separate the two Yonko. However, Prometheus succeeds in saving her master.

The scene cuts back to Zoro, who is about to unleash his Asura attack. He tells Law and Luffy that he leaves everything to them as he has finally reached his limit. Kaido was extremely shocked by this attack as it was imbued with Haoshoku Haki.

Kaido, in disbelief, yells enough is enough but before he can do anything, Luffy gets back on his feet. The Strawhat captain tells Kaido that after he got hit by his bat, he understood everything. He finally found out that he can imbue Haoshoku Haki on his attacks.

The Beast Pirates captain replies to Luffy that only the powerful can do it. In a matter of seconds, a powerful attack hits Kaido and he falls before Luffy.

Luffy tells his downed opponent, "At some point and in some way, you will fall." 

Leaked spoilers might include some inaccuracy, so readers can take it with a grain of salt. Also, be sure to read the chapter through official sources.

The chapter is expected to arrive on Friday, April 9. Meanwhile, fans can watch the latest episode of the anime on Crunchyroll.com. In the previous episode, the Roger Pirates finally found the One Piece and has finally disbanded. Oden is now on his way back to Wano, unaware of the tragedies about to hit him and his family.

One Piece Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook