“Attack on Titan” fans have finally seen episode 75, previously believed to be the final one for the beloved anime. But then again, rumors were ripe that it would not be the last and that it would have more content coming in the form of another episode or a movie. All that has now been confirmed.

After episode 75 of “Attack on Titan,” it was pretty clear that the series is not done. For those who may have missed or yet to see it, that episode ended with Pieck Finger pledging her loyalty to the Jaegerist and vowed to sell out the Marleyans to Eren.

But instead, she turned on Eren that resulted in the latter transforming and revealing their location to Marleyan airships. Episode 16 ended with Eren challenging Reiner and declaring war on the Marleyan army. Hence, episode 16 of “Attack on Titan” is likely to delve into how the war will start.

This development should be welcome news to fans who were previously left in the dark on what that anime had. The cliffhanger sets up a much-anticipated episode although there remains no clarity on when it may come out. But a teaser released on NHK General TV via Twitter reveals that part 2 of the final season will be coming out by winter.

There were anime fans who were hoping to see part 2 of the final season of “Attack on Titan” before 2021 ends. But if it is set for winter, most will just have to wait. Winter falls in Japan from January to March, hence indicating that folks will have to wait for almost a year.

This development also answers questions surrounding what lies ahead for “Attack on Titan.” In a previous post, it was mentioned how the series may return in a different form. It could either be a second half of the fourth season, mainly because there are a lot of chapters uncover.

The other is seeing an “Attack on Titan: The Final Movie” which may take its cue on another popular anime series, “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.” Part two of the final episode is set but expect “Attack on Titan” fans to likely expect more after the premiere ends.

Attack on Titan Episode 76
Attack on Titan Episode 76 screen grab from Epic Stream

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