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“Attack on Titan” will technically wrap up on April 9 but such has not left anime fans to speculate on what may be coming next. The fourth season has been branded as the last although some are still hoping on several things. This includes possibly seeing a fifth season, a part 2 for the fourth season or perhaps even an “Attack on Titan: The Final Movie.”

For now, the only thing certain for “Attack on Titan” is that episode 75 may be the last time that fans may see Eren Jaeger. Unless some surprise announcement is made by the people behind the scenes, this appears imminent.

Regardless, “Attack on Titan” fans feel that the anime may come back in some other form. The question now is will this be another series or a movie. A glimmer of hope comes in the fact that the series has not adapted the entire manga. Hence, this could be more than enough reason to potentially have a fifth season or a part 2 of the current season instead.

Judging by the promotional campaign made on “Attack on Titan” season 5, the choices may be down to just two. A second half of the fourth season could be more plausible considering there are some chapters not yet covered in the entire manga.

Assuming that part 2 of season 4 of “Attack on Titan” is coming, when could this be happening? The current season kicked off in December 2020 after a 16-month production schedule. Doing the math, there is a chance that a second-half could happen by the end of 2021. If not, a realistic expectation would be by April 2022.

In what may perhaps be the most sensible expectation of all, seeing an “Attack on Titan: The Final Movie” would be the grandest way to wrap up the anime. But do take note, that may not be just one movie. Most have seen the success of “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” so this is something that could pique the interest of showrunners.

For now, it would be best to see what happens in the final installment of “Attack on Titan.” A potential hint on what may happen next could be hinted when it unfurls on Apr. 9.

Attack on Titan
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