Imagine being in a marriage where you're unhappy, bitter, desperate and ready to scream, “ I want to divorce;” this is basically the story of Dana (Sandra Echeverría) and Paco (Arath de la Torre) in  "Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer;"where a young couple who can't stand each other live a dreadful life. The unpredictable twist this time is that Dana’s husband comes up with a creative plan to end their miserable union by looking for a boyfriend and hiring a professional seducer that will sweep this woman off her feet.

Actress and film producer, Sandra Echavarría, recently sat down with Latin Times to share the ultimate secret to save an unhappy marriage and reveal what it was like to work with Arath De La Torre, one of the most beloved actors in the Hispanic industry, “he’s a great chameleonic actor, he was very supportive and successful in injecting more humor than what it was needed to his character, it was hard to keep a straight face while working with him, we had a lot of fun."

BUSCO NOVIO 51 Sandra Echeverría y Arath de la Torre en la película "Busco Novio para mi Mujer" que se estrena el 19 de Febrero, 2016 Pantelion Films

While the Mexican actress enjoys a loving relationship with her husband, she sends a strong message to this generation where the word "divorce" is ordinary; she encourages couples to not take their partners for granted."Nowadays people have less patience and everyone is ready to give up and say goodbye,"Echavarría said, "back in the day we use to preserve, maintain and fight for love and I think we  need to go back to that, it’s important to see all the qualities on why you married that person in the first place.” Check out her full interview below and don't forget to check out the film "Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer" on movie theaters this February 19, 2016.