A businessman from Tanzania reportedly caught his wife in bed with his friend and unsurprisingly dumped her. But the twist is that the man demanded from his friend a sum of N892,000 ($1,200) as payment.

The whole thing was caught on video with the man, identified as Issa Kasili from Mpimbwe, confronting the woman and his friend named Mayombi Mwela at a guest house, EA TV reported.

“You have slept with my wife Mayombi, you have fulfilled what you set out to do,” Kasili said.

The video has gone viral and garnered mixed reactions. From the footage, Kasili could be heard denouncing the act and scolding Mwela. The former had one child with the woman who had committed infidelity.

“You delivered a child for me and now you think you are untouchable. Our marriage is over from now,” Kasili could be heard telling his wife.

“Pay me back my expenses and take her, she is now your wife,” the businessman told Mwela.

According to reports, Mwela did pay the amount to Kasili for the latter’s wife and ran off with her. It was an unusual ending in a controversial discovery.

The whole issue got varied comments, some even saying that Mwela is dangerous or has just got a new wife. One even said that this was the first time they two people getting busted cheating and ended up cool.

This comes not long after a cleric caught his wife in bed with another man. Identified as Olarere, the man filed for divorce against his wife named Mariam. The woman allegedly planned to run away with the other man.

It appears the relationship between Olarerer and his wife was a bit rocky and there were previous interventions. That was until the new man got into the picture and technically put a close to their bond.

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