Last weekend, a Northern California thief returned to the crime scene after he forgot his keys inside it.

Police said that the burglar stole some petty cash from Johnny Doughnuts’ office in the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday night, reported the Associated Press. He also took the keys to a bakery vehicle, but surprisingly he didn’t steal the vehicle itself.

According to Lieutenant Dan Fink, San Rafael police want the public’s help to identify the thief, who used an unknown tool to “manipulate” the office’s doorknob to enter. He went inside the doughnut company’s corporate office around 10 p.m. The burglary-related crime was reported to cops on Monday.

Fink said that surveillance video showed the man moving between the office and a back storage area. There he pried open a filing cabinet. According to Fox News, the suspect seemed to have been donning dark-colored shorts and a blue University of Kentucky shirt with the words "KENTUCKY" emblazoned on it.

Fink shared that the burglar took a bank bag with cash. The amount is not known. He said that part of the investigation is finding out "why this specific business was targeted." Cops did not initially reveal if they believed the suspect worked at the doughnut company’s corporate office or not.

Johnny Doughnuts, which is a small chain operating several locations and food trucks in the San Francisco Bay Area, use locally sourced ingredients and dough recipes from the 1920s. The company’s flagship store is the San Rafael doughnut shop, according to Metro.

Johnny Doughnuts’ Craig Blum said that they were happy knowing that their "doughnuts and enthusiasts were not in harm’s way during the time of this incident." He added that people "go to various lengths when we are desperate for doughnuts." Blum shared that his company plans to deliver a few dozen doughnuts to the San Rafael police officers “who came to our aid to ensure that we can continue serving our community hand-crafted doughnuts without interruption.” He called it an "unfortunate incident, but we are glad no doughnuts or team members were harmed." Blum said that sometimes even the thought of a doughnut "makes you do crazy things.”

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