A TikTok video of thieves robbing a New York mall’s Louis Vuitton store has gone viral online after a user posted the brazen daylight robbery on Saturday, February 5, shedding light on a series of different robberies happening across the nation.

The robbery, which reportedly took place last month at the Westchester in White Plains, showed two men entering a Louis Vuitton store and grabbing expensive bags and merchandise in a blatant shoplifting incident, according to the New York Post.

The store’s employees and customers attempted to stop them, but the two were able to make a quick escape out of the store. The security guard of the mall was also caught on camera not helping out the people in the store, standing afar from the ruckus as the robbery occurred.

Beyond that handbag robbery where four bags were stolen, another burglary occurred in the mall when two men robbed a Burberry, caught on camera coming out of the store with an armful of merchandise as they left.

And in a different mall in West Nyack in New York, a man was able to steal a $14,000 gold and diamond tennis bracelet from a Macy’s store, fleecing the merchandise and making a quick getaway in the area, Bronx News 12 reported.

Although the stores themselves have yet to release a statement regarding the thefts, the Westchester at White Plains has issued a statement condemning the robberies and promising more security at their malls.

“The crime depicted in this video is unacceptable and we are fully cooperating with the White Plains Police Department in their investigation,” a spokesperson for the Westchester mall said.

“We have taken a number of additional steps to further enhance the security program at The Westchester, including adding White Plains police officers to patrol the property, increasing additional private security patrol, deploying specially trained K-9 patrols, among other measures,” the spokesperson detailed.

As two brazen robberies hit The Westchester at White Plains mall in New York, many are calling for tighter security at the area in fear of another robbery taking place. This is a representational image. Ethan Swope/Getty Images

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