Camila Cabello I LUV IT new song
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MIAMI - After a two-year hiatus, Camila Cabello is making a triumphant return to the music world with her latest single "I LUV IT", featuring the distinctive rap style of Playboi Carti. This much-anticipated release follows her successful venture into acting with the modern adaptation of "Cinderella", where her enchanting performance garnered critical acclaim.

The song is the first of her newly minted—or beach bleached—blonde era, and opens a new chapter of Cabello's journey, which to this point has been nothing short of remarkable. Her previous album "Familia", characterized by emotional lyrics and catchy tunes with clear Latin music influences solidified her status as a chart-topping artist.

Judging from the first single of the new album, there is a new Camila Cabello in town. This Latina artist's talent to blend pop sensibilities with deeper emotional themes was widely celebrated, leading to four Grammy Award nominations and multi-platinum status.

Camila Cabello goes urban in Miami

With "I LUV IT", Cabello collaborates with Playboi Carti, known for his unique vocal style and influential presence in the hip-hop scene. Carti's recent endeavors have seen him climb the ranks of rap royalty, thanks to his innovative approach to music and fashion, which resonates with fans worldwide.

The new single, a mix of Cabello's soulful vocals and Carti's edgy rap, was penned by herself. It's a testament to her growth as an artist and songwriter. She worked closely with the Spanish executive producer El Guincho, known for his work with Rosalía, J Balvin, and Billie Eilish, and co-producer Jasper Harris, who has collaborated with Baby Keem, Jack Harlow, and Roddy Rich.

This powerhouse team has created a track that's not only a musical evolution for Cabello but also a chartbuster in the making, with a touch of nostalgia, courtesy of a sample and interpolation of Gucci Mane's 2009 song "Lemonade"

Discussing the song, Cabello said:

"Certain things in our human realm make me feel like I'm in outer space, and the rare chemistry I've experienced is one of them. It's a mix of emotional drama, chaos, butterflies, nerves, and passion. It's exhausting yet exhilarating, and I LUV IT."

Accompanying the song is a daring music video, directed by Nicolás Méndez of CANADA, known for working with Dua Lipa, Tame Impala, and Travis Scott. Shot in her hometown of Miami, the video is a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the track's dynamic energy.

It begins with a scene of Cabello picking up a slice of chocolate cake with her bare hands and feeding it to herself. It then transitions through various dream-like sequences featuring the singer: running from dogs, facing challenges in a wrestling bout, clinging to a palm tree, and experiencing a car crash.

It is also full of metaphors about falling in toxic love, betrayal, heartache, friendship, and reconstruction.

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