Camilo and Evaluna pregnant second child
Latin Times/Courtesy Camilo

MIAMI - Camilo and Evaluna announced they are expecting their second child. The happy news arrives just days before the Latin Grammy winners' fourth wedding anniversary, adding a beautiful layer to their celebration. The expected arrival of their new baby this year will make their daughter, Índigo, who will soon turn two, a big sister.

The news, revealed in the Spanish edition of the celebrity magazine ¡Hola!, confirmed days of speculation by La Tribu, as they call their fans. The possibility of another Evaluna pregnancy arose last week when the couple hinted at making two significant announcements on February 7th.

The first was the release of their new song "PLIS," which comes out on February 7th and which they premiered on Thursday at the TikTok Awards Latin America.

This pattern of revealing personal milestones through their music isn't new for the couple. They previously announced Evaluna's pregnancy with Índigo in their music video for the song "Índigo."

Ricardo Montaner, abuelo again

Evaluna's second child will be Montaner's seventh grandchild. The Argentinian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter has two sons, Héctor and Alejandro, product of his first marriage.

Héctor, the oldest, has two daughters, Antonella and Salomé. Alejandro, on his end, has two boys, Alejandro and Matías. Montaner's younger nietos are Índigo, Evaluna's daughter, and Apolo, Mau Montaner´s only son.

Ricky Montaner is the only one of the Montaner children who hasn't had kids so far, although both himself and his wife Stefi Roitman have openly said they plan to expand their family soon.

Babies and music

As they prepare for their growing family, Camilo and Evaluna's careers continue to soar. They will release "PLIS," the first single from Camilo's fifth album and another duet. Moreover, on February 23rd, the couple will be part of the 2024 edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, with seven nominations.

According to ¡Hola!, Evaluna is ending the first trimester of her pregnancy, which puts the due date between the end of August and the beginning of September of this year. The couple didn't reveal if they will find out the sex of the baby. For reference, they chose not to know about Índigo.

They also didn't say if they plan to release a song to honor their second baby, as they did with their daughter. They said at the time they had chosen a genderless name for their baby, who was the result of an unplanned pregnancy.

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