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A car crash near the border in Texas on Sunday, Oct 2 has led to the death of three people along with three others getting injured.

Christopher Olivarez representing the Texas Department of Public Safety has told that the incident occurred during a human smuggling operation on Sunday, Oct 2.

The vehicle was moving at a high speed around 12.30 am when an animal got in the way causing the driver to abruptly change direction leading to the accident. The driver along with two other passengers was declared dead at the scene itself while three others were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. The crash occurred south of Brackettville in Kinney County, reports said.

The identities of the deceased are still unknown to the public and will be released only after the authorities inform their families. The current fiscal year has seen more than two million migrants encountered at the southern border which is a record high along with an additional 599,000 “gotaways,” or migrants who escaped apprehension.

Human smugglers are constantly putting migrants in dangerous situations which has led to a record 782 deaths at the border this fiscal year alone. The Webb County Medical Examiner's office has told the media that the number of migrant deaths in recent months has been overwhelming.

In a similar incident on Wednesday, a crash involving three vehicles in downtown Uvalde located 60 miles away from the border took the life of two people. The involvement of a teenage girl has been confirmed by the Texas DPS. According to the Texas DPS, the girl was involved as she was “involved in human smuggling as she was smuggling nine illegal immigrants from Mexico.”

In another incident about 110 miles east of Brackettville, 53 migrants died suffocating in the back of a tractor-trailer in San Antonio in June.

With each passing year, the situation keeps getting more and more difficult which is evidently clear from the data mentioned earlier. The occurrence of multiple events involving immigrants along the borders is a clear warning sign of a situation that has to be dealt with urgently.

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