Even as a seasoned actress, Jennifer Lopez previously admitted that filming certain scenes can sometimes get out of hand. In a recent confession, JLo revealed that this was what exactly happened when filming a scene in “Hustlers” with co-star Constance Wu, a revelation that left Cardi B flabbergasted.

Wu knows by now that filming can be a physically challenging endeavor, especially when one is paired up with JLo. In fact, the “Crazy Rich Asians” actress had a bump in her nose to prove just how challenging acting with Lopez can be.

“I knew she was a gangster when we were doing this scene,” Lopez spoke of her “Hustlers” co-star as she narrated what happened during filming. “There’s a scene where I tell her to hang up the phone, and she won’t hang up the phone.”

But as the scene went on, both actresses went too far that it almost became a real fight. “And the first take … I did it and was like *pow* — and she started fighting more than me! She was really fighting! And the phone smacks her in the nose and cuts her nose open,” she narrated.

Lopez recalled that she was mortified when she realized what she did to Wu. “You were bleeding,” JLo said. “I was so nervous, I was like, ‘I broke her nose!’”

However, Wu, who was with JLo during the interview, just laughed it off and said that it was actually just a bump. Of course Lopez didn’t realize it at that time that she thought her co-star might bail out on their filming.

“I thought they were going to cancel the shoot date, and she was such a trouper,” Lopez said. “I feel like we bonded in that moment. I had a respect for you.”

In the meantime, their other “Hustlers” co-star, Cardi B, who heard what JLo said, was aghast at the revelation. “So wait a minute, actresses. When y’all be acting like y’all be fighting, y’all be really fighting?” Cardi B asked to the amusement of both Lopez and Wu.

Hustlers Cover photo of 'Hustlers.' Hustlers/Facebook

It wasn’t the first time Lopez admitted to filming a scene that somehow got out of hand. It also happened when she filmed a scene in “Monster In Law” with Jane Fonda, which resulted in them slapping each other even if it wasn’t called for in the script.

“She really went for it on one of those slaps,” Lopez said. “The scene took on a life of its own in a way that we never imagined. I don’t even think we were supposed to slap each other.”

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