Caroline Flack made headlines on Saturday, Feb. 15, after her father Ian found her dead in her apartment in East London. The 40-year-old British television personality, best known for hosting “Love Island,” was the third person who had appeared on the controversial dating show to take her own life.

Just like the contestants she rooted for on her show, there’s a veiled fragility that makes Caroline Flack’s death all the more devastating and anger-inducing for fans. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

An investigation is in the cards

The London Ambulance Service pronounced Flack dead at the scene when they arrived at her home on Saturday. While her death was said to have occurred in non-suspicious circumstances, authorities have scheduled a post-mortem and will open an inquest in the coming days.

Something was wrong with her the day before she killed herself

On Feb. 14, paramedics from the London Ambulance Service went to Flack’s flat to conduct a clinical assessment on her. Despite concerns for her welfare, however, the ambulance crew decided against taking her to the hospital after checking her over.  

She made sure no one was around when she committed suicide

Caroline Flack killed herself while her best friend and flat mate, TV producer Mollie Grosberg, was out. Grosberg went to the shops on Saturday morning not knowing that Flack was already planning to take her own life later that day.

Her suicide came just hours after she had received an update about her case

Hours before her suicide, Flack learned that she was set to face trial over her alleged assault of her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, on March 4. Friends of the presenter revealed that she had been terrified of her impending court date and that she could not bear the thought of going through the court case.

She had been on anti-depressants

After her death, a friend of Flack revealed that the TV presenter had been on anti-depressants when she died. Her friends had reportedly been trying to keep her spirits up but Flack had only gone deeper into her condition. Just last week, she was revealed to be writing a “self-help” book about depression.

She recently liked a Twitter post about suicide prevention

Among Flack’s final Twitter likes was a post promoting suicide prevention services at Christmas. “Hard time of year for a lot of folks. Suicide Hotline 116 123. A simple copy and paste might save someone’s life. If you’re struggling, please talk to someone,” the post read.

Her death might result in “Love Island” being axed

The tragic death of Caroline Flack could lead to ITV execs pulling the plug on the popular dating show, which has been under intense scrutiny for years following the suicides of former contestants Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis.

Caroline Flack Caroline Flack was found dead in her East London home on Feb. 15, 2020. Getty Images/Lia Toby