“Love Island” is the most-watched reality TV show in the U.K., and it was announced by ITV that it will now produce two series of the TV show per year starting in 2020. The decision to produce an extra season in a year was due to the fact that the show achieved a new record in terms of viewership ratings. 

According to BBC, the latest season of “Love Island” was viewed by over six million audiences, and this is enough to convince the producers that they need to offer more series for the fans to enjoy. It was a record-breaking year, so ITV is bringing more episodes to the show’s upcoming new seasons for 2020. 

"Love Island has proven yet again to be the perfect format that engages younger audiences," Paul Mortimer, ITV's controller of digital channels, said. "In response to this viewer appetite, a new batch of young singletons will deliver some highly anticipated post-Christmas romance and drama from our new and luxurious location."

Before the reality TV series brings in new winners next year, Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea will enjoy their reign first as this season’s winning couple. Amber is a beauty therapist, while Greg is a professional rugby player from Limerick. The two originally have eyes for someone else, but they ended up together in the conclusion of “Love Island” Season 5. 

While some viewers think that the contestants are faking their feelings for the sake of the show, there are actually pairs who are still together until now. Below are three couples who are still together after leaving the villa in “Love Island” 2019.

Tommy Fury And Molly-Mae Hague 

They’re still going strong, and it was said that the boxer from Manchester already introduced Molly-Mae to his mother and brother, and their families have also met. Mirror reported that Tommy is already planning to propose. He wants his proposal event to be very extravagant, and he wants to get the nicest ring for his girlfriend. 

Belle Hassan And Anton Danyluk

The pair did not make it to the finals in this year’s “Love Island,” but their romance while on the show continued after they left the villa. Their relationship is going smoothly so far, and people see them on dates complete with PDAs. 

Amber Gill And Greg O’Shea

They are the grand winners in the “Love Island” 2019. Outside of the villa, the pair is getting serious about their relationship. In fact, Amber celebrated her birthday with Greg, and she visited his hometown in Ireland too. 

Love Island Official cover photo of Love Island. Love Island/Facebook